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Lance's Panel & Spray
Lance's Panel & Spray

Read the story of how Lance and Serena built Lance's Panel & Spray into International Panel Shop. . .

International Panel Shop
International Panel Shop

Formerly known as Lance's Panel & Spray we have operated under the name of International Panel Shop for many years building our presence and reputation.

Accommodation - Coming soon

We have accommodation coming soon. All based in Cape Town at the moment.

Moguls - Coming soon

Welcome to MOGULS: Your Culinary Escape and Entertainment Oasis in Vibrant Cape Town!

Step into a realm of culinary wonders and captivating entertainment at MOGULS, the pinnacle of indoor food market experiences in Cape Town. We extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on a sensory voyage that will dazzle your taste buds and immerse you in a world of excitement. . .

MOGULS FOR potential traders
Coming soon. . .

MOGULS is a captivating food and beverage market nestled in Cape Town. Imagine a magical place where flavors dance and drinks flow, open every day of the week. While this brief introduction captures the essence, to truly understand the enchantment of MOGULS, we invite you to connect with us. Share your vision, and let us unveil ours – a place where culinary dreams come true.


Cape Town
South Africa

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